Displaying Your 9-1-1 Address

Make Sure Emergency Services Can Reach You Quickly…
Mr Del Toro Holding a Address Number Sign

Kerr Emergency 9-1-1 Network is charged with establishing and maintaining a uniform addressing system for the rural areas of Kerr County and the City of Ingram. 
This is accomplished by assigning address numbers to the various properties, collecting occupant information, and providing updates of the address information to the public safety answering point and the local phone companies. 

The proper and uniform display of your address is vital to emergency responders reaching you or others who are in danger. It may seem small, but making sure your property is marked correctly makes the difference in life-and-death situations.  

Assigning Address Numbers

Any time a new house is built, properties are subdivided, or when people change residences in the rural areas of Kerr County or the City of Ingram an Address Verification Form should be requested from Kerr Emergency 9-1-1 Network.

Please call us at (830) 792-5911 to request an Address Verification letter. It is the responsibility of the owner or occupant to notify all service providers, subscriptions, personal & business interests, etc. of the new address.

Display of Address

For the 9-1-1 system to work effectively all houses should display a house address number or designation. The address numbers should be clearly visible, placed in a conspicuous location, oriented toward the road, and have numerals/letters three (3) to four (4) inches in height.

A properly placed, highly-visible address sign is critical to your safety. Blue address signs are available for purchase at our office. Single sided signs are $10.00, and double sided signs are $12.00.

Private "Named" Road Signs

 If your private road has been named, it is an absolute essential to your safety and that of other residences on that road to have proper road name signage displayed and visible.

You can produce your own road sign or request one from the Kerr County Road & Bridge Department for a fee. If interested please contact Kerr County Road & Bridge at (830) 257-2993.